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Remember to add a special code for your coupons at the bottom of each flyer, so that you can note the source when the coupons return to you. Seasonal promotions are discounts, special offers or limited edition items tied to a special day within the year. This can be a specific holiday such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or it can be a certain time of the year like Back-to-School or End of Summer seasons. Holidays and seasons are critical to revenue since they represent a time when a significant increase or decrease in sales can take place.

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Promoting seasonal and holiday offers can be memorable to your customers as well as help boost your business and convert a one-time customer to a loyal patron. Abandoned cart email offers is another revenue boosting email that you can send to prospects. Customers often abandon their carts without the intention of doing so. They either got distracted, forgot about it, or found the process complicated. Deploying abandon cart email offers is a powerful tactic to bring these customers back. You may send the customers a copy of their shopping cart. One of the hardest parts of running a new online store is letting others know about your business.

Offer coupons to customers as an incentive for liking, following, and sharing your business page on social media. For example, CabinZero offers a free warranty extension for 25 years, instead of 10 years, to customers who like their Facebook page. You can run and update ads targeted to any customers who use the Bing, Yahoo, and AOL search engines. Giving first-time shoppers benefits can increase your sales in the short term and convert them to loyal customers in the long run. Providing an offer can easily convert a first-time visitor to a paying customer.

Chicago Steak Company offers free shipping plus three free gifts for first orders too. Minimum purchase discount increases your average order size. Some companies also offer free shipping for certain order minimums. A Catalina is a colored coupon that prints out at the register on receipt-like paper after you made a purchase at the store. These coupons are triggered to print once the cashier scans the UPC if the customer purchases a qualifying product. Starbucks at Safeway offers a Catalina coupon for a free Grande drink upon purchase of two 4-pack drinks of Frappuccino or Double-Shot varieties.

A hang tag coupon is a coupon that is attached to a product, like the neck of a bottle. It can attract attention to sales and can make a difference when the buyer is deciding between similar products. Household products like Pine Sol and Lysol provide discounts for every purchase of their products. RetailMeNot is a huge digital coupon marketplace. A fun thing about RetailMeNot is that users can directly add coupon codes to the site. Blinkies, also known as SmartSource Coupon Machines, are coupons that you can find in the little black boxes with a blinking red light hanging on the shelf of the front side of the product.

Blinkies are used to advertise a new product, encouraging purchasing from a particular brand over a competitor, or to increase impulse buying.

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Other than the red light that blinks or flashes, these boxes also have sounds or music to get the attention of a customer. Philadelphia Mini boxes giving out blinkies are scattered in different supermarkets and attract their customers with their unique music. A good coupon is a site-wide offer. Creating a newsletter is a must for small businesses.

It keeps you relevant. And when sending out your newsletter, why not include a coupon? It a wonderful incentive for your core customer base. Make sure the offer is a good incentive. To drive more sales, it is better to reach the target audience who are already interested in your product or having the problem your product can solve easily.

Bloggers of relevant niches are the best source. They have a decent amount of regular readers with personal influence. These kind of publishers can bring you more sales regularly through discount coupons. Also, they are more affordable as the maintenance costs are lower than other affiliate network sites. To get the most out of coupons, you have to constantly split-test your offers.

Split-testing is the process of distributing multiple offers to the same target audience, and gathering data about coupon redemption rates sales. Once you identify a winner, it becomes your control coupon. From there, you should continue split-testing until you beat your control. Rinse and repeat.

Small businesses owners can drive more sales by offering coupons. There are plenty of channels and methods that can help you succeed in your coupon advertising campaign. Using the tips above will put you in a better position to achieve your sales goals. Do you have additional coupon advertising ideas? Share with us in the comments! Henry Kanapi is a staff writer for Fit Small Business specializing in business and e-commerce.

When not writing, he's busy organizing poetry slam events or playing basketball. Top 21 Logo Design Tips from the Pros. Informative article. It is really helpful to search coupons. There are a lot of coupon website outside there which are making great impact on shopping by saving our money. The new stores that are trending are like groupon, dealretailer.

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New coupon websites are trending now. Dealhack is one of the best coupon website that have very good and excellent deals and vouchers. It is really helpful me to boost my website. I handle two coupon code website — clothingtrial. I sell only fashion related products on clothingtrial and at couponsmind, all categories products. HI Really informative. I have a question, Is there any service, that take the details about the domain, product and coupon and place it on many other well known coupon sites.

We have a full guide on how to use LocalSaver here. My sister ordered baby clothes and the maternity store package came with coupons for shutterfly. Any suggestions on where to start finding this?

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My guess would be that Shutterstock makes deals with each individual business. Ideally, these are complementary business, but not competitors. He has been featured in many stories for his approach to music instruction, and for his books, such as Blues Improvisation for Beginners…and Piano Teachers. If it gets very few likes, that gives me a clue as to which part of my audience is interested. PDA Buzz specializes in harnessing the power of SEO and other search engine marketing techniques to bring brand awareness and business transformation value to established businesses looking to grow.

What is less known is the immense power behind the affinity scores within this tool. Once entering in your target audience sections location, age, and gender , navigate to the Page Likes section of Audience Insights. This is contained on the main navigation bar to the right of Demographics and to the left of Location and Activity. Then, enter a high-level interest in the Interests section.

For example, if your target audience were interested in baseball and you were looking to promote a baseball service or product, then enter baseball. You will see a series of pages your defined audience typically likes. When you sort by Affinity, these are ranked by the pages your target market is most likely to like. Now the real fun starts! Keep adding the liked pages shown by this data as additional interests.

As you do so, you will see your Affinity scores shoot up, and in doing so you will be dialing in your targeting to the most laser-targeted buyer audience imaginable. This technique is especially effective for B2C and e-commerce operations but can be made to work equally well for local businesses.

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Meg Brunson is a former Facebook employee who believes that all people should be pursuing their passions. She is focused on helping families and family-friendly businesses leverage the Facebook platform to monetize those passions. The insight you acquire from the data should influence your copy and creative. The data is far less substantial now than it was before the Cambridge Analytica scandal caused Facebook to sever ties with third-party data partners, but you can still learn a thing or two about your audience to make your content more relevant!

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Remember that Facebook places the utmost importance on the user experience, so providing content that your audience relates to, and will interact with, is essential. Facebook Insights can help you answer this question on various levels. Also, they can learn other demographic information and use this information to determine the psychographic information to use when creating a relationship marketing campaign. You can add additional interests or demographics to further refine your audience archetype. The UI is a little overwhelming at first, but it starts making sense once you add and remove options.

Instead, companies should look to focus on higher retention rates and quality of impressions that can be improved with specialized algorithms focusing on relevant viewers. Aaron has been with Hanapin Marketing for almost two years. He has a proven track record for successful go to market and corporate communication programs in multiple vertical tech markets. You can go in and select your target audience by searching seed, then analyze the top categories and page likes. Once you have gone through the data, you can then save the most relevant pages. Since January , Roman has been the Chief Marketing Officer of Renderforest , which is an online video production platform for creating any kind of videos.

He is also the founder of the I Love Programming Facebook page for programmers, which was founded in January All you have to do is to create a task for yourself and check all this data. Test for a week, analyze the results, and test again. Do this until you feel that your engagement rate is good for you and you are satisfied with the results you get.

So you start asking WHY? As a result, we can show our products or services to much more relevant people — and convert them more easily into leads and ultimately sales. And by looking at all Facebook pages that have related interests to biking races, stationary biking, Peleton, bike races, etc.