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Two further Okapi calves were born in and respectively. This exhibit is primarily a herpetarium for the zoo's Komodo dragon It was opened in and extended in to include an outdoor enclosure used by the dragons in the warmer summer months. The exhibit is built on the site of the zoo's former bird house.

In , several young baby Komodo dragons were put on display after one of the zoo's two females laid eggs which hatched although the female had not been mated; this is parthenogenesis , the first such case recorded in this species. It now currently houses spiny-hill turtles , golden coin turtles , and Indochinese box turtles in one side and the critically endangered Mountain chicken frogs with some Caribbean hermit crabs in the other.

Dragons in Danger also houses various Indonesian and Philippine rainforest birds, such as Palawan peacock-pheasants , pheasant pigeons , Montserrat orioles and Visayan tarictic hornbills. Recently added was a pair of Philippine mouse deer which have successfully bred.

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Also housed here are Ploughshare tortoises , collared iguanas and Montserrat Tarantulas which Chester bred in for the first time in captivity. Species formerly kept in the exhibit include Socorro doves , Mindanao bleeding-hearts , Papuan lorikeets and Saint Lucia parrots. Located near the former tiger enclosure, this area used to be a petting farm, but was closed due to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. The petting farm is now a picnic lawn and a former kune kune pig enclosure has been demolished in favour of a food stall.

Mongoose Mania , which houses dwarf mongooses features tunnels beneath the enclosure which allow children to crawl through, popping up their heads into plastic domes to give them a mongoose's eye view of the world.

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In early , the Californian sea lions left the collection. Over the late winter the pool was converted to house a new species to the zoo. The giant otters went on show for the first time on 26 March The zoo bred their first pups in In the neighbouring enclosure, a large breeding group of over 50 Humboldt penguins have their own pool, and visitors can watch the birds from an underwater viewing window.

Chester's Tropical Realm is Britain's largest tropical house at over 26, cubic metres. Opened in , most of the interior is an open-plan space extending to roof level and themed with pools and mature tropical plants, with pathways for visitors through the undergrowth. Here, more than 30 species of birds are free-flying, including Nicobar pigeons , various species of starlings and ground birds such as crested partridges. Aviaries and vivaria are arranged around the sides of the building; those on the upper level were originally designed for birds of paradise and the hornbill aviaries were originally made for gorillas.

The aviaries currently house birds such as great Indian hornbills , rhinoceros hornbills , two pairs of tarictic hornbill one pure-bred and one hybrid , writhed-billed hornbills , red-crested turacos , Palawan peacock-pheasants , Congo peafowl , Bali starlings , blue-crowned pigeons , fairy-bluebirds , white-rumped shama , white-crested turacos , Snowy-crowned robin-chats , Mindanao bleeding-hearts Green aracari and Luzon Scops Owls.

At the entrance is an aviary for Sumatran laughingthrushes and grey-winged blackbird.

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The Tropical Realm is also the centre of the reptile collection. The crocodile pools which formerly housed West African dwarf crocodiles , American alligators and Philippine crocodiles currently house spectacled caimans in one and white-winged wood ducks and a yellow-faced myna in the other. Near the entrance is an enclosure for tuataras. This lizard-like species from New Zealand is the last surviving sphenodont , a prehistoric group of reptiles, and Chester is the only British zoo to exhibit them.

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In February , a tuatara hatched for the first time outside of New Zealand, leading Chester Zoo to be the only zoo to have bred them anywhere else. The lizard collection is now made up of Serrated casquehead iguanas , Graham's anoles , caiman lizards , and a Parson's chameleon. There is also a pair of Philippine mouse-deer near the poison dart frogs. This aviary was formerly home to Andean condors but is now the home to a variety of European birds after Europe on the Edge was demolished in late The species include here consist of European black vultures , being the zoo's last birds of prey.

There are also Eurasian spoonbills , northern bald ibises and little egrets as well as a selection of waterfowl. Smaller birds include rock doves , azure-winged magpies and the native but rare red-billed chough. Parrots on display here include red-vented cockatoos , lesser sulphur-crested cockatoos , red-and-blue lories , yellow-backed chattering lories , Mount Apo lorikeets and blue-and-yellow macaws. The only ones on show are Ecuador Amazons. Most of the birds were moved to the Rare Parrot Breeding Centre from the old parrot house when it was demolished in to make way for Realm of the Red Ape.

This exhibit consists of two aviaries housing rare and endangered South American parrots and macaws. These include hyacinth macaws , in the aviary outside the Tropical Realm and Blue-throated macaws and an Inca jay are housed in the other. The aquarium is a small and traditional building one of the oldest at the zoo, built by George Mottershead's daughter and son-in-law in the s housing a varied collection of freshwater and marine fish, aquatic invertebrates and amphibians.

It has had notable success breeding seahorses and achieved the first captive breeding of the freshwater motoro stingray. Other notable fish include Pinstripe Dambas , Mudskippers , tropical reef fish and various Lake Malawi cichlids. Invertebrates such as starfish , sea urchins and several species of coral and shrimps are housed with the fish. In , Asian Plains received its official opening. The male rhino was joined by a female in to form a pair which the zoo hoped would breed.

Sadly in November the male Indian rhino "Patna" was put down due to a longstanding leg injury. The zoo obtained a replacement male from Edinburgh Zoo in March The paddocks formerly housed barasingha , Ankole cattle , blackbuck and sitatunga. Przewalski's horses left the collection in to make way for the new African hunting dog enclosure. In , a new exhibit housing African painted dogs on the site of the former Przewalski's horse paddock was opened. In the style of an African Research Station with an African Village, the exhibit has a dry landscape with fake kopje stones.

A pack of four African painted dogs are the main exhibit and the first breeding occurred in Aardvarks and rock hyraxes are nearby.

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  • The north east area of the zoo is where many forest-dwelling species are kept. As well as the chimpanzees , okapis , jaguars and Tropical Realm, there are enclosures for Congo buffalo , red river hogs and Lowland anoa. Nearby is a large paddock and house for the zoo's Rothschild's giraffe herd. The area between the rear of Tropical Realm and the Spirit of the Jaguar has enclosures for various species including a group of native sand lizards , and an aviary for red-billed curassows.

    An enclosure formerly housing maned wolves was demolished and replaced in by a heated butterfly house called Butterfly Journey , which is based around the life cycle of a butterfly, featuring free-flying butterflies and moths The exotic species on show include blue morphos , giant owls , glasswings , swallowtails and Atlas moths , a cabinet of cocoons , and an area with caterpillars.

    Also featured in this exhibit is an area for a variety of different invertebrates and a mesh enclosure for some panther chameleons. As well as jaguars , Chester Zoo keeps lions , tigers and cheetahs [50] in its big cat collection. The lions are the Asiatic subspecies found only in the Gir Forest in India in the wild. The zoo's former resident male Asoka was joined by a female, Asha, from Rome in The pair have bred on three occasions, but so far their only offspring to survive has been a male cub, Tejas, born and hand-reared in His upbringing was featured prominently in the first series of Zoo Days.

    Tejas left Chester Zoo for Besancon early in as part of the European breeding programme for this subspecies.

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    Asoka left the zoo in early , he was moved to Rome Zoo as part of the European breeding programme. His replacement is 3-year-old Iblis, who arrived from Planckendael Zoo in Belgium. In late summer , Asha retired to Santillana Zoo and was replaced by four-year females Kiburi and Kumari.

    In , a male Sumatran tiger called Kepala arrived from Dudley Zoo to join the two resident female Bengal tigers , who left in The same year, the zoo acquired a female tiger named Kirana, but unfortunately it was discovered that the pair were related. Kepala departed to Dublin Zoo and a new male named Fabi was brought in from Prague Zoo to form a breeding pair of Sumatrans, a critically endangered subspecies in the wild.

    The zoo welcomed its first ever cheetah cubs in June The cheetahs are the vulnerable Sudanese subspecies - a second litter was born in Bactrian camels and onagers in a large paddock in the centre of the zoo, formerly the zebra exhibit. A paddock which was only visible from the monorail but can now be seen from the Bats' Bridge holds a group of Philippine spotted deer. Bordering the paddocks is a waterway running north-south, along which the water bus formerly traveled, past island groups of white-faced sakis , Alaotran bamboo lemurs and howler monkeys. A variety of callitrichids, including cotton-top tamarins , were formerly housed on the Bamboo Lemur Island, and the howler monkey and white-faced saki exhibits were formerly home to black-and-white ruffed lemurs and red ruffed lemurs.

    A nearby island viewable from Bats Bridge has previously held lowland anoa and is now holding babirusa. In the southeast corner of the zoo are enclosures housing assorted animals including bush dogs , red pandas , southern pudu , Azara's agouti , Red-billed blue magpies and the wetland bird nursery. The former cassowary exhibit next to the pademelons is now home to Pallas's Cats.

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    Near the Rare Parrot Breeding Centre is a group of aviaries currently housing the zoo's owl collection. This includes: spectacled owls , great grey owls , northern hawk owls , brown wood owls , southern white-faced owls and ural owls. The owl aviaries were recently modified. Alongside the Arara lawn is a set of recently refurbished aviaries that house various species of Asian songbirds and pheasants. Flocks of Chilean and Caribbean flamingos live in shallow water alongside a large island housing a group of ring-tailed lemurs and a pair of black and white ruffed lemurs.

    The lemurs are to be moved to a new Madagascar themed walk through enclosure in along with Fossa.

    New indoor accommodation for the flamingos was completed in In and there was a display of animatronic dinosaurs: Triceratops , Edmontosaurus and its eggs and hatchlings, Dilophosaurus which squirts water from its mouth , Allosaurus , Rugops , Omeisaurus , Apatosaurus , Baryonyx , Dimetrodon , Tyrannosaurus rex. A second exhibition was made in with other anamatronic dinosaurs featuring: a Stegosaurus , a Dilophosaurus and young which both spit water , a Megalosaurus , a Styracosaurus and hatchlings, a Brachiosaurus , a Quetzalcoatlus , an Edmontonia , a Pachycephalosaurus , two Coelophysis , a Parasaurolophus , a Deinonychus and a Tyrannosaurus rex and young.

    The zoo has a service that gives people the option of adopting an animal of their choice, they are also given two complimentary tickets to allow them to visit the animals. Every three months, members and adopters receive Z magazine, which provides updates and information about what is happening at the zoo. During summer , television crews from Granada filmed at Chester for the documentary series Zoo Days , a behind the scenes look at the day-to-day running of the zoo, narrated by Jane Horrocks.

    British broadcast rights were sold to Five and the first part series began airing on British terrestrial TV on 8 October , transmitting on weekday evenings in a regular pm slot. A second part series of Zoo Days was swiftly commissioned and began airing on 3 March The series was a rating's success and was recommissioned for a second series. Series 2 aired at the end of Since then a further 3 series have aired. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Zoo News. ITV News. Daily Mail. BBC News Online. Retrieved 22 September Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 18 June Having the kids all to yourself with no school is the perfect chance for quality time - until you realise you'll have to keep them entertained at all times.

    With the choice between trips to the cinema, soft plays and all the crazy new attractions available, firm favourite Chester Zoo tends to win out. So fear not, we have found some great tips for cheaper tickets, travel pointers and food and drink advice for a trip to the zoo. Other than cycling, Merseytravel offer some easy ways of travelling to Chester Zoo - and back. The company offers an "all-in" bargain ticket which covers return train travel to and from Chester Station from anywhere on the Merseyrail network City, Northern and Wirral lines , return bus travel between Chester station and Chester Zoo and entry to the zoo itself.

    Prices are available here. Tire the kids out - let them run wild on the various play areas around the park, including a large climbing frame near Arara Picnic Lodge, and the Fun Ark play area for kids ages If not, there are lots of lovely souvenirs, toys and stuffed animals to choose from. Sign up to the What's On newsletter - packed with brilliant things to see and do in Liverpool and beyond. What's On. By Elle May Rice. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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