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Itarget discount code. Jones beach light show coupon. Dollywood discount tickets kroger. Magical winter lights coupon. Brilliant vinyl coupon code. Hepolar express st louis promo code. Lemonaid health promo code. About two years ago, we started setting up separate tables during orientation for our books department and our technology department.

We had found that students need so much information about each of those things. We emphasize value, customer service and convenience. Our store is super convenient for anyone living on campus. We also emphasize that all our employees are part of the campus community. They have excellent insight that would be hard to get from an off-campus retailer. Sales in our tech department have been doing really well. We talk about our price comparison tool for textbooks, too. That keeps the focus on value instead of just trying to sell them something.

The primary thing is that we focus on bringing in customers who are already here. All summer long, we have different sales and promotions running. We do different promotions every couple of weeks. In May, we had 20 percent off summery clothes. We have a tank top sale coming up. We recently started renting out yard games, too. We rent games like Giant Jenga and bean bag toss. We promoted the games heavily in May and June and had quite a few rentals. People wanted them for graduation parties. It gave a lot of people a reason to come and see us. Remember to reach out via email or social media — any tool you have for communication.

Additionally, do whatever you can to connect with customers that are on campus: orientation visitors, tour groups, faculty or staff. They're your most captive audience and give them a reason to want to visit! Project , 0. Project , Series B, 0. Series C, 0. Series , 0.

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Series C-4, 0. Series C-5, 0. Idaho Tax Anticipation Notes, 2.

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Chicago Neighborhoods Alive 21 , Series B, 0. Chicago Water Revenue, Subseries , 0.

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Ohio State University General Receipts, 0. Montgomery County, Series A, 0. Pennsylvania Tax Anticipation Notes, 1. Rhode Island Industrial Facilities Corp.

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City of Houston, Combined Utility System, 0. Methodist Hospital, 0. University of Texas, 0. Intermountain Power Agency, 0. Security subject to Alternative Minimum Tax. These securities, which represent 3. The Fund does not directly own the municipal security indicated; the Fund owns an interest in a special purpose entity that, in turn, owns the underlying municipal security. The special purpose entity permits the Fund to own interests in underlying assets, but in a manner structured to provide certain advantages not inherent in the underlying bonds e.

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