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You dropped your coins in to save up and they zig-zagged through the perspex bits and into a slot - once this can was too full to take any anymore you dismantled your Sputnik and took the core to the bank. They held the key with a registered serial number on your piggy bank and would open it at the counter for you , count your savings and record it in your account book. Of course I reallly needed money one Summer hol day trip to Morecambe and smashed the lid off with Dads tools and then soon after I drew out what was left in my passbook.

I remember that globe bank, didnt have one of those but did have a very odd looking red plastic pig, cant remember which bank it was that gave them out My most memorable Lloyds freebie was a money box that sorted coins into graded slots with marks up the front to show how much you had in each type of coin. Very useful but with a limited lifespan at the time - it survived the new 10p because they were the same size as the old 5s, but the new 5p was more of a problem. Barclays give out free pens marked "I was stolen from Barclays"; "It's a pen-alty" and "I'm free, now there's a thought" amongst others.

I just found this topic via Google. I acquired one of those without a key also, which is the same key actually. If anyone happens to have one of those keys as pictured above, you can e-mail me through my profile. Isn't it funny where Google brings you?

How do they work?

My aunt had the globe bank for all her new copper coins which she saved for us. Did you have a "Schools bank account"?


Trustee's saving bank bird money boxes called Tizzies I think. They wore footie shirts. I have a picture but it won't post for some reason, the others have been working :confused:. When I opened a savings account at the National and Provincial mid s I was around 13 at the time I was given a free ballpoint pen and 6 inch ruler.

Modest compared to the pigs you got with the NatWest Piggy Account, but still better than nothing. I saw a report on TV mid s comparing savings accounts at banks and building societies, especially ones aimed at kids which gave away free gifts, e. They reckoned you should think more about the interest rate though, and said the Post Office gives the best interest rate, without any free goodies. I still collect up loose change in mine I empty it out every year or so. Lloyds Bank Under 19s Account. Metro Bank Cash Account. Metro Bank Cash Account How to choose a children's bank account.

Look for one that offers everything you need from your first bank account, like: A debit card, which you can use to pay in person or online. Internet banking, which lets you manage your account and make payments online. A nearby branch so you can make withdrawals or pay in cash and cheques. Direct debits and standing orders you can set up to pay your bills automatically.

How to get a bank account for under 18s.

The Current Top 4 Bank Accounts for Babies Kids and Teenagers in | ellaslist

Here is everything you need to know about how bank accounts work. What is the minimum age on a child's account? How many current accounts can I have? You could open more than one, but most banks only let you hold one current account with them. Can I get interest on my current account? Do junior bank accounts offer debit cards? How old do I need to be to get a debit card?

Best children's savings: % interest - MoneySavingExpert

Do I need my parents to open and run my account for me? Who do we include in this comparison?

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How do we make money from our comparison? You do not pay any extra and the deal you get is not affected. Related guides. Current Account Comparison Bank accounts for bad credit Basic bank accounts Building society current accounts.

Guide to Australia’s best kids bank accounts

Free business bank accounts Free current accounts Reward current accounts. Student bank accounts. Why check with us? We don't sell your data We don't sell your personal information, in fact you can use our site without giving it to us. We check out every company we list Our data experts check the companies we list are legit and we only add them to our comparisons when we're happy they've satisfied our screening.

Playing your cards right could mean you get cheaper journeys home, free access to TV shows and a generous overdraft to see you through your degree, on top. Once again, the banks are trying to lure students in with a wide range of "perks" including railcards, coach cards, and discount cards. It's a tempting move as to unlock some of the best overdraft rates, you'll need a top notch credit score - which a credit card can help you with.

The problem, however, is that a credit card can have devastating consequences if you can't afford to repay the debt in full each month. One thing to avoid when using a credit card though is when withdrawing cash as its much more expensive than making a purchase.

How to get Your Kids FREE Toys For Christmas !

It might look like free money, but debts should be paid back and on time to avoid interest charges or late payment penalties, otherwise the latter could damage their credit score. If you're contemplating a credit card and have questions to ask, don't be afraid to raise them - you can speak to parents, family members or staff at the university itself. You may be able to visit a bank on campus for further advice. Explain your financial situation - ultimately, the bottom line is, can you afford to repay it in full each month?

If you're after a credit card to build up your score for overdraft purposes, you may be better off going for an account that gives you the overdraft regardless.

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  6. See below for details on this. The cost of studying can be a burden, so having a decent overdraft as a safety net is important for many students, especially those living away from home. If you're worried about dipping into the red, it is worth finding an account that offers a good interest-free arranged overdraft.

    What is an 'arranged overdraft'? This is an agreement between yourself and the lender that enables you to borrow money up to a pre-agreed limit. For students, this luxury is often fee-free, but whether you're accepted could also be subject to your credit score.